Sportarena Leukerbad Camping
Sportarena Leukerbad Camping
Sportarena Leukerbad Badminton
Sportarena Leukerbad Badminton
Sportarena Leukerbad Tennis
Sportarena Leukerbad Tennis
Sportarena Leukerbad Squash
Sportarena Leukerbad Squash
Sportarena Leukerbad Winter Aussenansicht
Sportarena Leukerbad Winter Aussenansicht
Sportarena Leukerbad Fitness
Sportarena Leukerbad Fitness
Sportarena Leukerbad Eishockey
Sportarena Leukerbad Eishockey
Sportarena Leukerbad Eislaufen
Sportarena Leukerbad Eislaufen

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Webcam Sportarena

Webcam Sportarena

Sports facilities

  • Rezeption
  • Restaurant
  • Eisbahn / Patinoire
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Unihockey
  • Fitness
  • Spinning
  • Ping-Pong / Billard
  • Boulder / Escalade
  • Minigolf
  • Outdoor Fussball
  • Leichtatletik Piste
  • Camping
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As already described the Sportarena has multiple gymnastic facilities.                                                                                                                                                    Only in the ball, sections there are multiplicity options to undertake the different sports.

Underneath you will find a selection of different ball sport activities, which you can train at the Sportarena Leukerbad.

Tennis/ Badminton

The Sportarena is the ideal spot for any kind of ball sports. There are 3 tennis courts and 4 badminton fields available for you the whole year.

From October until March, there are the monthly Suzuki Grand Prix.

Registrations via SwissTennis

The tennis hall from the Sportarena Leukerbad is not only attractive for sportive activities. The Sportarena also offers an almost unlimited choice for meeting, seminars, workshops events & conferences.

Squash/ Billiard/ Tischtennis

The Sportarena is able to offer two squash rooms if demanded. If needed so, please make a reservation in advance.

In the meantime, the Sportarena also offers you two ping-pong tables as well as two billiard tables for your usage and variety.

The material for those activities is included in the price and there is  no additional charges . So what are you waiting for?


A double gym room with the measurements of 2x14x24 meters with a platform of 450 seats is available all year to your disposal. This double gym room can also be separated into two parts, if needed so. There are different sportive activities like basketball, handball, floor ball, volleyball, martial arts, fencing and many other activities for you to practice there.

An agreement with the front office of the Sportarena is required, and is at the same time a precondition for the use of the double gym hall.

Therefore, you can always contact us via e-mail or phone.

Unihockey / Multi-purpose hall

Our multi-purpose hall with 44m x 29m and its infrastructure is predestined to use for events. The multi-purpose hall is also designed for other sportive purposes like ball sports (unihockey etc.) or coordination obstacles as well as for computer base trainings.

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Tel. +41 27 470 10 37

Opening hours:

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